Attendance and Punctuality

Last modified 07/02/2017 01:22

awardcupAttendance and Punctuality


2016-17 Attendance Target - 94.5%


Autumn Term - First Half - 94.5%

Autumn Term - 94.5%

Spring Term - First Half - %

SpringTerm - %

Summer Term - First Half - %

Whole Year - %

During the academic year 2015-16 we achieved our attendance target of 94%! This is an excellent achievement and we are extremely grateful for the support you, as parents, showed us in achieving this. We are moving closer to achieving out goal of 95% attendance by 2018! 
Evidence suggests that regular attendance helps a child:
  • achieve more academically
  • maintain good friendships with their peers
  • develop increased confidence and
  • access consistent and progressive teaching, which builds on prior learning. 

Hopefully we can build on our success and aim for at least 94.5% during 2016-17. Please ensure that if your child is well, they attend school regularly. 

Punctuality is also vital to ensure that your child is ready to start the school day on time.