Our Vision and Aims

Last modified 29/10/2013 23:00

Our Vision

  • We aim to maintain and promote a positive and optimistic school community in which everyone feels safe, welcome and respected.
  • We provide a genuinely broad curriculum through which literacy and numeracy skills, IT, bilingualism, the arts, physical wellbeing and respect for the environment are valued and developed.
  • We believe that we must nurture curiosity, confidence, initiative and resilience in pupils in order to provide opportunities for them to lead rewarding and fulfilling lives.


Our Aims

To achieve our vision we aim for pupils to:

  • Become literate and numerate, orally articulate and to develop overall good communication skills;
  • Develop their bilingual skills in Welsh and English and to have a knowledge and respect for the country in which we live;
  • Become good global citizens, with a sense of fairness, cultural identity and a respect for other people’s cultures and traditions;
  • Develop a positive and increasingly independent attitude towards learning and to develop curiosity, perseverance and confidence in their ability to succeed;
  • Develop the practical knowledge and skills they will need in order to meet life's challenges and be resilient in their approach;
  • Develop high self esteem and be proud of who they are;
  • Possess ambition and aspirations, an enthusiasm for life and optimism for their future possibilities;
  • Enjoy developing their individual talents and skills though a range of exciting and diverse experiences;
  • Be prepared to adapt to and utilise the technology of the future and be skilled in using ICT effectively as a tool for learning, while remaining conscious of its limitations and risks;
  • Be healthy and fit and to become aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Show respect for other people through good manners and courteous behaviour and
  • Become aware of their responsibilities towards the environment.