Incentivising Attendance Programme

Written by JONATHAN REED on 14/11/2016 15:33:09.




Re: Incentivising Attendance Programme


Good attendance at school is essential for all pupils as it increases a child’s chances of achieving their full potential. While attendance figures have improved across Swansea in recent years, we’re determined to build on these strong foundations.


Attendance is also a key priority for the City and County of Swansea which is one of the reasons why we have launched the Incentivising Attendance Programme (IAP).

The IAP will recognise the good attendance of pupils at the end of each half-term period. Individual pupils and classes will be selected using official attendance figures as part of each half-term draw.


Prizes will be awarded to individual pupils who have achieved:

? 98% or above attendance in the half-term period; and

? the most improved attendance.


Prizes will also be awarded for:

? best class attendance; and

? best year group attendance.


Pupils from every Swansea school will have a chance for themselves, their class or year group to be included in the prize draw to win prizes.

Please remember, your child’s attendance at school is not only having an impact upon their education it is also contributing towards the bigger picture of school, class and year group success.


We hope that these incentives will further highlight the importance of good attendance and that we can continue to improve attendance generally across the local authority.


Your continuing support is very much appreciated.




Lindsay Iorwerth Harvey (Mr) Chief Education Officer