St Josephs Primary School - PDG Action 2015-2016

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PDG Action 2015-2016:

  1. PLC for Deputy Headteacher’s to focus on AFL/ Attendance/ Assessment/ Enrichment Tasks.
  2. SENCO support; additional time allocated for withdrawal lessons to deliver Literacy programme.
  3. Monitor FSM children in core subjects and behaviour.

Lead:  Juliet Stack (Headteacher)    Supported by: - Miss E Richards (Deputy) Mrs A Jones (SENCo)


PDG Funding                         

School based:                                                                       Action 1 – 3 supply sessions

(1 per term) £525.00

Action 2 – 1 teacher£7425

Action 3 – 1 teacher 6 days £1050

Total Cost -


Outcomes: Success Criteria  


1. Sharing of good practise between Catholic Cluster. Development of AFL/ Attendance/ enrichment tasks to support LNF.

2. Small groups and individual pupils receive appropriate personalised support with Literacy. Increase in pupil’s attainment.

3. Raise attainment for FSM children. Impact measured through INCERTS, test results.




Target Date

Monitoring and Evaluation


Action 1 

PLC for Catholic Deputy Head teachers to focus on AFL/ Attendance/ enrichment tasks

Summer term 2016

Liaise with Catholic cluster


Action 2                                                                                                                                       

2.1 SENCO support; additional time allocated for withdrawal lessons to deliver literacy/ numeracy programme.

2.2 Improve levels of family engagement and the capacity of parents to support children’s learning in literacy and numeracy alongside Intervention group- Target group is identified and achieves improved numeracy/ literacy scores. Teachers work alongside catch-up provision and liaise. Children to be identified by VAP /RA/ NFER/ NLT tests.

Identify catch-up group (VAP/RA / results at least 6 months behind CA) excluding SEN register. Provide effective programme and support for target group.

Summer term 2016

Children to be identified through VAP/ RA/ NFER/ NRT.

Provide effective programme and support for target group  Exclude SEN Register.


Action 3

Termly release for SENCO to monitor FSM pupil progress in core subjects and behavioural support. Termly tracking day for each term to monitor well-being using Boxhall profile and county support.

Summer term 2016

Impact measured through Incerts, standardised tests & national tests