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At St. Joseph's Primary School we are aware of the growing concerns surrounding internet safety.

We are planning to run Internet Safety days dedicated to ESafety. The first of these will take place in school on Monday 4th February and there will also be a presentation available to parents that will coincide with 'Safer Internet day' which is on Tuesday February 5th 2013.

 Children will have access to range of websites when exploring E-Safety.

Some of these include Hector's World, Lee and Kim's Adventures and Dongle. 

  hector_world    lee_kimdongle


To view these sites and access other very useful ESafety Websites please use the links listed below.


Learn-ICT Internet Safety:

Get Safe Online Quiz:


Checking Website Veracity

The Pacific Northwest tree octopus:

Save the Mountain Walrus:

Dog Island:

Machanical Marvels of the 19th Century:

The Tomato Spider:

Is the moon made of cheese?

Flying Penguins:


Staying Safe Links for Kids


Safer Internet Day - 5th February 2013:

Top Trumps Competition: