Pupil Admissions

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The Governing Body of St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School will consider all requests for entry into full-time education by reference to this Admissions Policy for the academic year 2014-15.

To request an application form, please contact our School Reception Office on 01792 653609.  Alternatively, you may wish to download a copy from Documents on this website.

Nursery Provision

Parents of children in the Nursery expect their child to proceed to full-time education, and in most cases this is so.  However, parents need to be aware that prior to starting full-time school (Reception) the policy below will be followed each year.  The reason for this is that Nursery education is non-statutory and may not be used as a way of prioritising children for entry into full-time school.

Admission to Full-Time Education

The Governing Body will act in accordance with all relevant provisions of the statutory codes of practice as they apply at any given time to maintained schools and with the law on admissions as it applies to maintained schools.

Reference in the codes to “admission authorities” shall be deemed to be reference to the Voluntary Aided Body of St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School.  References to the “Local Authority” shall be deemed to be references to the City and County of Swansea.  In particular, St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School will have regard to advice given by the Diocese of Menevia and will participate in the co-ordinated admission arrangements operated by the Local Authority (dates/timescales etc).

In line with the City and County of Swansea schools' admission policies, application to St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School will be made in line with parental preference.  The admission number is 60 and the capacity of the school is 425 pupil places.  St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School will accordingly admit up to 60 children in the relevant age group each year if sufficient applications are received.

All first preferences will be met except where the number of applications exceeds the number of places available and then places will be allocated on the basis of the oversubscription criteria.

Oversubscription Criteria 

 1.  All baptised Catholic children living in the school’s catchment area.

2.  All children baptised in the Orthodox Church living in the school’s catchment area.

3.  Applicants with siblings who are baptised Catholics and on roll in the intake year.

4.  Applicants with siblings who are not Catholics and on roll in the intake year.

5.  Catholic pupils from outside the catchment area.

6.  Children from other Christian denominations.

7.  Children whose parents desire a Catholic education.

All schools have a duty to admit children with a Statement of Education Needs where the school is named in the statement.

In all of the above categories Looked After Children (LAC) will be given priority.

Where non-Catholic children are welcome into the school, they are expected to enter fully into the spiritual and prayer life of the school.

If the number of applications in any category exceeds the number of places available, then places will be allocated on distance. with those living nearest the school receiving priority. The measurements will be taken from outside the entrance to the property (house or flat) to the nearest official school entrance.  A computer programme is used when undertaking the measurement which takes the distance from home to school by the shortest available walking route. In the case of a child whose parents have joint shared responsibility, the parent who has the greater responsibility during the school week and whose residence is nearer the school will be the determining factor.  A letter from the parents will have to be provided to confirm that fact.

Details of the procedure to be followed if an appeal against any decision of the Governors on admission is contemplated may be obtained from the Admission Appeal Committee c/o the Clerk to the Governing Body at the school.


1.      Catholic Baptism will be verified by the Baptismal Certificate.

2.      Membership of Christian Denominations will be verified by clergy letter.

3.      Definition of Sibling - Children who have a sibling on roll at St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School in the September the applicant would begin school.  Priority will be by reference to the youngest sibling in the school, the youngest commanding the highest degree of priority. Any sibling connection must be stated on the application form.  For admission purposes, a sibling is a child who is the brother/sister, half-brother/sister (children who share one common parent), step brother/sister where two children are related by marriage. This definition also includes adopted or fostered children at the same address.

Admissions Policy 2015-16