Information for Parents

Last modified 05/12/2014 09:22

Keeping our pupils safe whilst on the internet and using other technologies is of high importance to us. We recommend that you follow the links below to find out more information on this topic.


11 Rules for online safety.


  1. Keep telephone numbers, address, name/location of school, parent’s work address telephone number private.
  2. Report any information that makes me feel uncomfortable to my parents or teacher.
  3. Never agree to meet anyone you have met online unless my parents agree and come with me and meet in a public place.
  4. Never send anyone a picture or anything else without first checking with my parents.
  5. Never respond to any mean or unkind messages.
  6. Tell parents/ teacher if any messages make you feel uncomfortable.
  7. Set up rules about you going on line with your parents such as time of day, length of time and appropriate areas for you to visit and stick to them.
  8. Never give out internet passwords to any one, even your best friends, other than your parents.
  9. Check before downloading or installing software or doing anything that could hurt your computer or jeopardise your families’ privacy.

10.  Be a good person never do anything to hurt other people, it is against the law.

11.  Help your parents to understand how to have fun and learn things online. Teach them about the tech you are using.