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Our Admissions Policy

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The Governing Body of St. David’s School will admit children into full-time education by reference to this Admissions Policy. 

Nursery Provision: Very Important! 

Parents of children attending the Nursery expect their child to proceed to full-time education, and in most cases this is so.   However, parents need to be aware that prior to starting full-time school (Reception) the policy below will be followed each year.  The reason for this is that Nursery education is non-statutory, and may not be used as a way of prioritising children for entry into full-time school. 

Admissions to Full-Time Education 


The governing body will admit any child whose parents request the Catholic education we provide at St David’s, up to the admission number for that year.

Where non-Catholic children are welcomed into the school, they are expected to enter fully into the spiritual and prayer life of the school. 

Oversubscription Criteria: Our method for allocating places when we have too many requests. 

When we have more requests than the admission number, the following priorities will be applied.


Group 1: Any looked after child who is a baptised Catholic

Group 2: All baptised Catholic children living in the school’s catchment area

Group 3: Any Catholic child with a statement of educational need

Group 4: Siblings of current pupils who are baptised Catholics

Group 5: Looked after children other than  those in Group 1

Group 6: Siblings of current pupils who are not Catholics

Group 7: Catholic pupils from outside the catchment area

Group 8: Children from other Christian denominations.

Group 9: Children whose parents desire a Catholic education

And if necessary: proximity to the school main gate via the safest walking route measured by the LEA’s computer mapping system from the child’s front gate.

Timetable. The Governing Body will use the LEA’s admissions timetable in any given year.


Notes for Parents: These are for explanation only, and are not part of the Policy. 

Admission Number.  This is the maximum number of pupils that may be admitted to the school in any given year. The number is set by the Governors in consultation with the Local Education Authority.  Our AN is 30. 

Catholic.  The term refers to Roman Catholics; and those in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. 

Catholic Baptism will be verified by Baptismal Certificate, or clergy letter. 

Siblings may be brothers, sisters, half brothers, half sisters, step brothers or step sisters living at the applicant child’s address. Siblings must be current school pupils at the closing date for admission. This recognises that they may have left the school in the July before the applicant child attends. Priority, if necessary, will by reference to the youngest sibling in the school, the youngest commanding the highest degree of priority. 

Christian Denomination.  Those churches having membership of ‘Cytun’; and the Church of England. 

Membership of Christian Denominations will be verified by clergy letter, or the child will be deemed to be in the group, ‘desirous of a Catholic education’. 

Looked After Children.  The definition of a Looked After Child is a child who is looked after by the Local Authority in accordance with Section 22 of the Children Act 1989; and any subsequent legislation. 

Catchment Area.  The school serves the Catholic population of west Swansea, and the parishes of St Benedict’s, St David’s, Our Lady Star of the Sea and Ss Joachim and Anne. In the centre of Swansea, the catchment area is marked on a map available at the school. 

Address.  This refers to the applicant child’s domicile address.  Where parents (or those with parental responsibility under current legislation) share custody of the child, then this policy will be applied to the address where the child spends the greater portion of the school week.