Headteacher weekly news - 15.07.16

Written by Phillips, Bev on 08/07/2016 16:10:15.

Children nominated for Good Work merit in Achievement Assembly this week were:Neve Reardon, Megan Shoemark, George Davies, Evan Morris, Zac Thomas, Jessica Roberts, Matthew Cuthill, Morgan Johnson, Kodi Kennedy, Abodi Alduraibi, Hannah Thomas and Charlie Porter.

Children nominated for demonstrating positive values were: Sofia John, Cherrie Morris, Austin Hill, Abigail Smith, Tilly Mackinnon, David Hood, Emlyn Haines, Sonny Jones, Andrew Foxall, Isaac Thein, Edward Dale & Holly Rees.  Well done everybody - a very good effort.

Reception classes went on a visit to Caswell Beach on Monday.  The children enjoyed studying the locality and digging in the sand, despite the drizzle.  Our thanks to the parent volunteers who helped out on the trip.

The Teddy Bears' Picnic for our new September Nursery intake was held on Tuesday.  It was lovely to welcome the newest additions to the Sketty School family and we look forward to them joining us in September.

Year 6 have been in their secondary schools on transition this week.  We look forward to hearing how they got on.  It is always strange not having Year 6 with us but it allows the other children to get a taste of what school life will be like without them.  The children met their new teachers this afternoon and I know they are very excited about moving up a year in September.

The Swansea Excelsior Ladies' Choir and our school choir held a joint concert in the Hall yesterday evening.  It was a special evening and the standard of the performance was superb.  The children were outstanding.  The concert was very much enjoyed by everybody there.  The evening raised a most welcome £288.  The concert was organised by Mrs.Lynda Richards and we are very grateful to her for her proactivity and desire to help the school.  Our thanks also to the Ladies' Choir and all who supported on the night.

The Summer Fayre is being held this evening (report next week).  The PTA have been working hard all day to set things up.  It takes an awful lot of hard work to run this event successfully and we are incredibly grateful to all the parent volunteers who generously give of their time and efforts for the benefit of the school.

 Have a lovely weekend.