Topics for Year 5

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Autumn Term 


This term the children will be learning about all aspects of Energy, including different energy sources and the impact it has on the environment. This is a science topic which will also develop the children's understanding of forces.

We will look at generating our own electricity supplies and record our results through maths, using our ICT skills. We will also be developing our letter writing skills in language. 




After half term the children will be extending their artistic skills through our topic of Gallery. We will be looking in detail at a variety of different artists from different eras, and exploring their techniques in order to create our own Galleries.



Spring Term


This topic will focus on World War 2, the children will learn all about the impact of WW2 on the everyday lives of ordinary people in Wales. We will focus on significant people of the time who played an important role in the Welsh war effort. The children will be using a range of different sources to find out information.

The main focus will be on the Swansea Blitz and the effect this had on the city.




Bend And Flow

This topic has a geography theme and teaches children about rivers, rainfall, soil and the impact of water on the local community. At the heart of the project the children will learn to write poetry. The children will use a range of geographical skills to investigate the physical features of rivers, including the water cycle.


 Summer Term

Scream Machine 

This term the children’s learning will be focused around Theme Parks. They will have the opportunity to visit Oakwood theme park and speak with various members of the staff, including an engineer.

The children will develop subject knowledge through research and be tasked with writing an explanation text to present their understanding of an aspect of their learning. In literacy they will also be asked to produce a shape poem centred round the topic and will be using Charles Causley as a stimulus to create ballads.

The topic lends itself neatly to measuring, scale, proportion and data. Building on the skills they used to design and build mineshafts, children will be making pulleys and cams to produce a concept rollercoaster ride they have designed in groups.

In science we will be focusing on physical processes and forces. Children will use a variety of graphs to present data they have collected.

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