RRS News 2014 - 2015

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What have our Rights Leaders been up to this year?


Friday 21st November  - Y4MW's Family Assembly focussed on Articles 1-6 from the UNCRC: Everyone under the age of 18 is entitled to the Rights of the UNCRC, whatever their race, religion, ability. All organisations working with children should do what is best for each child. Children have a right to life and healthy development. Year 4 took us back to Victorian Britain for us to consider if Children’s rights were being met then?



Wednesday 19th February - Rights Leaders presented an assembly to Key Stage 2 for Anti Bullying Week



Tuesday 18th February - Rights Leaders presented an assembly to the Foundation Phase for Anti Bullying Week

good birds


Monday 17th - Friday 21st November - Anti-bullying Week. Over the course of the week, the Rights Leaders delivered circle time session to pupils from Years 2 - 6. The Rights Leaders gave up their lunch times leading up to this imprtant week, to prepare their lessons and resources. Thank you for the time and effort you have put in!

circle time


Friday 14th November  - School Council arranged a Pyjama Day to raise money for children in Need. The School Concil also ran a 'Name the Bear' competition. Thank you to School Council for organising and to the pupils for your generous donations.



Friday 7th November  - Y4LC's Family Assembly focussed on Article 32 from the UNCRC: The Government should protect children from work that is dangerous or might harm their health or their education. This tied in nicely with the topic being studied in Year 4 'Children of the Revolution' and the terible working conditions children had to face during Victorian Times. 




Friday 24th October  - Y5JP's Family Assembly focussed on Article 28 from the UNCRC: All children have a right to a Primary Education, which should be free. The Convention places a high value on education. Young people should be encouraged to reach the highest level of education of which they are capable. Wealthy countries should help poorer countries achieve this right. 




Thursday 23rd October  - PLC Meeting. Hosted by Sketty Primary. Rights Leaders welcomed pupils and staff from other schools to share the work we have been doing for Children's Rights. The afternoon consisted of a tour of our school, quizzes based on the UNCRC and an opportunity to share ideas. 


Friday 17th October  - Y5SK's Family Assembly focussed on Article 29 from the UNCRC: Education should develop each child’s personality and talents to the full. We believe we are a talented bunch at Sketty Primary School. 



Friday 10th October  - Y6PR's Family Assembly focussed on Article 24 and 27 from the UNCRC: You have the right to safe water to drink and nutritious food. The UNCRC states governments should help families and guardians who cannot afford to provide this. Sketty Primary helped by donating items of food to our local foodbank. Thank you to all pupils who made a contribution. 


Friday 26th September  - Y6CJ's Family Assembly focussed on Article 14 from the UNCRC: Children have the right to believe what they want and to practice their religion. In their story, Camilla Cream was too frightened to be herself as she was frightened that others would laugh at her. Y6CJ would like to remind children that it is always important to be yourself.


Camilla Cream


Friday 19th September - Our Rights Ambassadors were elected. Elections took place at the same time as School Council Elections. Well done to our two new ambassadors. 

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