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Week Beginning 25.4.16

Our shape of the week is a sphere/ball. Please look for this shape around your home and in the outdoor environment.

Our focus story is Tedi Twt ar y Fferm. In this story the children will be using the question, "Sut wyt ti?"-"How are you?" Please scroll down to week beginning 18.4.16 for the various responses in Welsh. 

From now on Library will be on a Friday.

Kind regards, 

Cath Fox & The Nursery Team


Week Beginning 18.4.16

Our shapes of the week are cubes and cuboids. We are counting how many square shapes are on a cube and how many square and rectangle shapes are on a cuboid. Please look for these shapes around your homes and in the outdoor environment.

Our Welsh question of the week is "Sut wyt ti?"-"How are you?" The children are responding by saying:

Dwi'n hapus-I am happy

Dwi'n drist-I am sad

Dwi'n wedi blino-I am tired

Dwi'n cyffroes-I am excited

We are continuing to count from different starting points and to count backwards.

Please could we have a contribution of £3 to go towards cookery and craft this term.

Thank you for your continuing support and co-operation,

Cath Fox and The Nursery Team











Spring Term Nursery Skills

Language, Literacy and Communication

Mathematical Development

Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity

  • Taking part in daily Read Write Inc Sessions, learning one sound a week: Please see weekly updates on the Portal-Nursery Notice Board.
  • Talking about what they are doing or something they have made/done.
  • Retelling, in simple terms, an event/experience/story.
  • Take part in role play.
  • Take part in discussions with adults and other children.
  • Understand, answer and use simple questions-Why? How? Can I? Who? What?
  • Listen to and carry out a two step instruction.
  • Listen to and join in with songs, rhymes and stories.
  • Recognise own name.
  • Experiment with a range of mark-making instruments and materials.
  • Hold writing implements correctly using pincer grip.



  • Count reliably up to 5 objects and beyond.
  • Recognise numbers 0 to 5 and beyond and relate a number to its quantity.
  • Realise that anything can be counted, not just objects. Eg. Claps, steps
  • Understand and use the concept of “one more/less”.
  • Show an awareness of the purpose of money-Role play in the Toy Shop and daily Siop Llaeth: Using pennies to pay for items.
  • Compare two objects in terms of size.
  • Understand and use the terms “before” and “after”-Picture timetable showing the daily routine.
  • Learning the days of the week by singing a song.
  • Naming 2D shapes-Shape of the week.


  • Describing personal features-name, hair colour, eye colour.
  • Developing greater independence in personal tasks.
  • Explaining why they like a particular activity.
  • Expressing how they feel: Check-In Station (See RE)
  • Waits for and contributes when it is their turn.
  • Demonstrates enjoyment in the company of peers.
  • Demonstrates an ability to engage in an activity with at least one other person on request.




 Creative Development

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Physical Development

Welsh Language Development

Religious Education

Naming colours.

Exploring patterns.

Producing a variety of lines-straight, zig zag, curved.

Drawing people and toys from the Toy Shop.

Talking about texture.

Choosing materials to make a chosen object/item.

Begin to play instruments in a controlled way, starting and stopping to the music.

Identifying sounds in the environment.

Making sound patterns.

Dance: Creating body shapes to represent growing and letter formation.










Naming the five senses and talking about what they see, hear, touch and smell.

Identifying similarities and differences in objects-Using toys in the Toy Shop.

Describing what has happened and making simple predictions-Cookery Sessions; Planting for Spring.

Record observations by drawing.

Listening to a story from the past-Story of St David.

Exploring Welsh symbols and emblems.

Finding their way around the Nursery and beginning to use the terms forwards, backwards and turn.

Drawing an area in the Nursery.

Developing awareness of the wider school environment.

Talking about the different roles/jobs adults have in school.

Caring for the school environment.

Gross Motor Skills

(Weekly PE Sessions and outdoor play)

Jump on two feet.

Move at contrasting speeds and demonstrate some spatial awareness.

Select and change movements to negotiate a range of apparatus. Eg. Crawl through a tunnel, jump into a hoop.

Throw a ball overhand with some control over direction.

Kick a ball from a stationary position.

Balance a bean bag on a bat and move with it.


Fine Motor Skills

Using scissors.

Using construction equipment.

Over writing letters of name.

Tracing patterns and pictures.



Vocabulary linked to Toy Shop and areas of the Nursery.

Question of the week: Pwy wyt ti? Sut wyt ti? Sut mae’r tywydd? Ble mae....? Ga i....

Singing songs: Mr hapus ydw i; Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw; Ga i helpu; Bore da/Pryn hawn da ffrindiau.

Joining in with simple stories about Tedi Twt.


Recognise and name special people and know simple facts about their role: doctor, nurse, fireman, policeman, vicar etc.

Story of Noah’s Ark.

Recognising facial expressions communicating emotion: Check-In Station: Children place a photograph of themselves under a picture to show how they feel. Children’s responses are then discussed during Carpet Time.

Developing empathy towards peers-Link to Check-In Station.




Welcome back! During the next 2 weeks we will be assessing the children to find out which sounds they can remember. So far they have been taught: m, a, s, d, t. When the children have been assessed, we will let you know what the next step is for your child. Please keep practising naming the sounds at home. A good idea would be to play games around the house or when you're out and about. For example: Can you find something beginning with "m" and I spy something beginning with "m", what is it? If you have any questions, please come and speak to me.

Kind regards,

Cath Fox






This week the children are revising the sounds they have learnt so far: m,a,s,d,t. Please can you practise all of the sounds at home. If you are unsure of the correct pronounciation of sounds, please visit the Ruth Miskin Website. 

Remember, after half-term if your child is morning nursery, he/she will swap to afternoons. If your child is afternoon nursery, he/she will swap to mornings. Morning sessions are 8:50 to 11:20 and afternoon sessions are 1:00 to 3:20.

Many thanks,

Cath Fox







Our sound of the week is "t". Please scroll down to 4.1.16 for activities to do at home. Your child will come home with a sound card to display/use at home.

The rhyme the children are learning to write the sound is: "Down the tower, across the tower."

Our shape of the week is "circle". Please look for circle shapes around your house and in the outdoor environment. We are telling the children that a circle has one curved side. 

Many thanks,

Cath Fox








Our sound of the week is "d". Please scroll down to 4.1.16 for activities to do at home. Your child will come home with a sound card to display/use at home. 

The rhyme the children are learning to write the sound is: "Round his bottom, up his tall neck, down to his feet." Start with your finger at the bottom of the dinosaur's neck, go around his bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet.

Our shape of the week is triangle. Please look for triangle shapes around your house and in the outdoor environment. We are counting how many sides.

Many thanks,

Cath Fox






Our sound of the week is "s". Please scroll down to 4.1.16 to find suggestions for activities to do at home. Your child will come home with a sound card to display/use at home. 

The rhyme the children are learning to write the sound is "Slither down the snake". Put your finger on the snakes head and slither your finger down its body. 

Our shape of the week is a rectangle. Please look for rectangle shapes around your house and in the outdoor environment. We are counting how many sides and saying 2 long sides and 2 short sides. 

Our welsh question of the week is still "Pwy wyt ti?"-"Who are you?". The children reply by saying their name, followed by "ydw i". Eg. Mrs Fox ydw i. 

If you have any queries, please come and see me. We look forward to seeing you at our Open Day tomorrow-Tuesday 19th.

Cath Fox







Our sound of the week is "a". Please scroll down to 4.1.16 to find suggestions for activities to do at home. 

The rhyme the children are learning for writing the sound is "Round the apple, down the leaf". Put your finger at the top right of the apple, go around the apple and down the leaf. 

Our shape of the week is a square. Please look for square shapes around your house and in the outdoor environment. We are counting how many sides and saying that all of the sides are the same length.

Our welsh question of the week is "Pwy wyt ti?" "Who are you?". The children answer by saying their name followed by "ydw i".  E.g. "Mrs Fox ydw i."

Our Nursery Open Day is Tuesday 19th January. This is when you can come and view your child;s work with your child. 

Any queries, please come and see a member of nursery staff.

Kind regards,

Cath Fox





We are beginning the Read Write Inc programme this week. Each week we will have a new sound. This weeks sound is "m". 

Your child will bring home a picture card saying "m" for you to display. Below are suggestions of activities to help your child learn this sound:

  • Go on a "m" adventure to find things beginning with "m".
  • Practise reading the sound off the display card each day.
  • Look for the "m" sound in words in their library book.
  • Practise handwriting the sound. Your child will need to write it large at first. You could use felt pens, paints, shaving foam on a tray, sticks in wet sand, chalks on tarmac, drawing apps on tablets/i-pads.
  • Practise writing the sound in the air.

The rhyme the children are learning for writing the sound is "Maisy mountain, mountain". Run your finger down Maisy and then up and over the mountains. 

For more information about Read Write Inc, google Read Write Inc and Ruth Miskin. 

Please come and see me if you have any questions.

Cath Fox














 Nursery Library

Dear Parent,

Our Nursery Library will be opening on Thursday 5th November. During this session you’re child will choose a book with us to take home and share with you. We have a selection of books to choose from: picture books, rhyme books, simple story books, non-fiction books, traditional tales. You’re child will keep the book until the following Thursday. Below is a list of activities that can be done with your book. These activities are very important in the development of early reading and writing skills and in the development of imagination.

  • Talk about the front cover: What do you think the book is about? What do you think will happen in the story? Who are the characters?
  • Talk about what is happening in the pictures on each page. This is a good activity if your child has chosen a book that doesn’t have much text.
  • Encourage your child to turn the pages.
  • If it is a longer story, pause regularly to talk about what has happened so far. Ask your child what do they think will happen next.
  • Talk about favourite parts of the story and favourite characters.
  • As you read the text to your child, point at the words with your finger.
  • Try substituting words in a book to make them more adventurous and to develop your child’s vocabulary. Eg. enormous instead of big; fabulous instead of good. Use these words throughout the week and not just in the story.
  • When you’ve read the text several times, encourage your child to be the storyteller and read the story to you in their own words, using the pictures as clues. They could dress up to be the storyteller.

The most important thing is to enjoy sharing a book with your child so that they develop an enjoyment of books and reading. The amount of time you spend depends on how long your child can stay focussed. Whilst you will only have a single library book from school each week, the above activities can be carried out with other books that you choose to read during the week. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me.


Happy reading!!

Cath Fox & The Nursery Team






Welcome to the Nursery Notice Board!

For those of you who haven’t visited our website before, this is where you will find up to date information and news about the Nursery. If you have any queries about what has been posted, please ask a member of staff.


Firstly, the staff and myself would like to say how proud we are of the children. Everyone is trying very hard to settle into the nursery routine and to meet and play with new people. We would also like to thank parents and carers for their support in helping to settle the children. I now have a few messages for this week:

  • We want to set up an Investigation Area in the classroom. The area will have a variety of themes throughout the year and the first theme will be Autumn. Please could you collect a selection of Autumn objects with your child (conkers, acorns, different coloured leaves etc) for use in our Investigation Area.
  • We would be grateful for a voluntary contribution of £3 per term. This will go towards activities such as cooking, gardening, special craft items.
  • We are “revamping” our Making Area and would be grateful for any donations that could be used for collage. The sort of things we are looking for are ribbon, bottle tops-plastic and metal, sparkly items. We don’t need material.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Kind regards,

Cath Fox (Nursery Teacher)

Sarah Scannell, Fran Collins, Liz Stockton, Carmi Coles, Lynsay Courtney (TAs)