Governing Body

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Plasmarl Governing Body



We are very proud of our Governing Body!

They have a huge part to play in the progress of our school. 

Our Governors act as links between parents, the local community, the Local

Authority and the school.


 Some useful information:

IThe Schools Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 (The Act) removed the requirement for school governing bodies to hold an annual meeting with parents. Instead, new arrangements were introduced to enable parents to request up to 3 meetings in any school year with a governing body, on matters which are of concern to them. At Plasmarl Primary School, the Governing Body will continue to produce an annual written report to parents. The Governing Body will also continue to communicate and engage with parents over the school year via newsletters, twitter notices or surveys as necessary. Governors may call an extra parents’ meeting if they believe that an issue which affects the school needs to be discussed.

The school currently offers parents/carers the opportunity of two meetings per year to discuss pupil progress. Periodically there are parent workshops offered or meetings called to share new initiatives and give parents ideas on how best to support their child’s learning at home. In addition we operate an Open Door policy and parents are encouraged to come into school or make an appointment with the class teacher or Headteacher to discuss any issues. Plasmarl Primary has a complaints policy and procedure in place; copies can be obtained from the school office or our school website.

Further advice on how parents may to go about requesting a meeting with a governing body is available on the Welsh Government’s website at:




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 Mrs Lesley Williams



Mr Petere Myles

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Mr Hugh Pattrick



 Mrs Janie Anderson



 Mrs Pam Booker





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