Year 1 & 2

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Croeso i Blwyddyn 1 & 2

 This term our Cornerstones Learning Project is:

 Family Album


Our project focuses on Knowledge and Understanding of the World!

We have recently had a visit from a historian to support us in our learning. Mr Richards showed and talked to us about toys from the past. We were able to have a play with them and draw our favourite toy from the past. Here are a few photographs of our visit.

IMG_0564 IMG_0568 IMG_0602

IMG_0622 IMG_0630 IMG_0635

We had a fantastic morning!!  


Our Science Investigation


                   This is Discovery Dog:                                               This is Naughty Nora:

Discovery dog     Nora

Panting Pup 

Naughty Nora had come to stay at Discovery Dog's home and although he loved her there was no peace and quiet when she was visiting. She just wanted to play all day. One day when Discovery Dog fell asleep Naughty Nora must have been so bored that she chewed off one of the legs of the kitchen table. After this Discovery Dog knew he would have to keep a strict eye on Naughty Nora. He thought that if he could tire her out then maybe she would go to sleep as well. Should he make her walk, run or jump to make sure she was so tired she wouldn't get into anymore trouble?

The children carried out an investigation to find out which is the best exercise to tire out Naughty Nora. The children decided that they would all carry out the same exercise at the same time and that they would time each exercise.

Here are some photographs of the children carrying out their investigation: