Read, Write, Inc

Last modified 20/09/2014 14:09

Read, Write, Inc


Read, Write, Inc is a phonics based programme. It is widely used and tested, and is very succesful in many schools across he uk. It is an inclusive programme that teaches young children to read in a lively way. It introduces them to the 44 sounds in the English language and how to use this sound knowledge to build words.

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The children will meet 'Fred frog' and learn 'Fred talk'. As children work through the programme they will also develop their handwriting and spelling skills. The programme is a real success at our school.

Exciting news!! Use this link to find the website:

Parents can create their own password and search by age for reading materials and activities for their child/children.

The video clips will help parents learn how support their child in teaching them how to read.

Parents and puils will also have the opportunity to view 250 free ebooks.