Reception & Year 1

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Croeso i Derbyn/Blwyddyn 1


Welcome to Reception / Year 1

 This term our cornerstones learning project is:

 Glow and Glitter 


This term has a Knowledge and Undersanding of the World focus. The project encourages children to explore things that sparkle, glitter, glow, reflect, shine and twinkle.

The children have all brought an item in from home to share with the class and had their photo taken next to the 'sparkle table'.





 Also, this term we have used different apps on the i pads to create sparkly pictures.


              sparkly picture            sparkly face

We went on a glitter trail to find lost presents ~ we found them in the sparkly area of our forest!

We all found a present and took them home. Inside were some sparkly, shiny, glittery tinsle and jewels!!


  glitter trail            glitter trail map