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Siarad Cymraeg





Pwy wyt ti?

Who are you?

... dw i.

I am ...

Sut wyt ti?

How are you?

Dw i wedi blino.

I am tired.

Ga i ... os gwelwch yn dda?

Can I have ... please?

Cei. / Na chei.

Yes. / No.

Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?

How is the weather today?

Mae hi’n ... heddiw.

It is ... today.

Pa liw?

What colour?

Coch / Glas / Melyn / Gwyrdd

Red / Blue / Yellow / Green

Pa rif?

What number?

Un / Dau / Tri / Pedwar

One / Two / Three / Four

Sawl un?

How many?

Un / Dau / Tri / Pedwar

One / Two / Three / Four

Beth wyt ti’n wisgo?

What are you wearing?

Dw i’n gwisgo ...

I’m wearing ...

Beth wyt ti’n hoffi?

What do you like?

Dw i’n hoffi ...

I like ...

Beth sy’n bod?

What is the matter?

Dw i’n dost.

I am ill.

Wyt ti’n hoffi ...?

Do you like ... ?

Ydw, dw i’n hoffi ...

Yes, I like ...

Beth sy yn y fasged?

What is in the basket?

 Mae ... yn y fasged ...

There is a/an ... in the basket.



By the end of Nursery pupils should be able to ask and answer the above sentence patterns and questions.

Please spend some time to learn these patterns and practise them at home