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For a copy of Textease on your home computer, click

This is the top option of the two home versions on the @Home section of the page. It is is a new version of Textease that we have been able to buy  with help from money raised from the sale of Christmas DVD's.

The instructions for installation can be found on a further link below this.

For homework help sites click here.                       boy pencil

For sites, not really related to homework topics, but that other pupils have liked and enjoyed, click here.


Click here to see Tom's animated Work shown in his Interest Assembly in March 2010.


It is really important to keep ourselves as safe as possible when using phones and computers, especially when online. CEOP have some great activities and games to help with this.

If you are aged 5-7 Click here

If you are 7-11 Click here






 Click here to log in to the hwb. 

Tales of the road     

Tales of the Road

 This is a website all about how to stay safe on the roads. It has lots of useful information and some great games, all keeping safe on the roads. Click this link to find out more. 




Have fun with some of these tried and tested sites! They are all safe and fun to use - good luck!

Follow Simon                            Take your Pick!                       Vet Set Go!           

Racing Frogs                             Ski Run                                   Club Penguin 

Tardis Tennis                             Tetris                                       Pacman

Space Invaders                         The Kidz Page                        Blox                                         

spelling game                          Snake Game                           Fishy Game                     

Crumbs                                      Frogger!                                   SkyWire2