School Governors

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September 2016

Pengelli Primary School Governing Body – September 2016

Governors' allowances 2016

Statutory Committees cannot be clerked by Governors or the Headteacher and should be clerked by the clerk to governors or another appointment person.  All statutory sub-committees must have delegated powers, which should be minuted.

Staff disciplinary /dismissal committee

Chair – Elinor Iles, Philip Card, Dave Merriman


Staff disciplinary /dismissal committee  Appeals

Chair – Chris Scott

Councillor Curtice, Yvonne Hamilton

Pupil discipline and exclusions committee

Chair –  All the GB and when necessary 3 to be chosen



Chair – Chris Scott, Elinor Iles, Dave Merriman



Headteacher Performance Management Appraisers and Appeal Appraiser(s)

Chair – Chris Scott, Sheila New, Tony Martin (reserve: Elinor Iles)




Pay review and pay review appeals

Headteacher and Deputy head selection panel

Chair – Chris Scott, Elinor Iles, Dave Merriman, Sheila New,

Councillor Curtice



Chair –Elinor Iles, Chris Scott, Yvonne Hamilton, Elaine Thomas,

Dave Merriman



Staff Review

Chair – Elinor Iles, Chris Scott, Yvonne Hamilton, Elaine Thomas,

Dave Merriman



Chair – Helen Talaat, Yvonne Hamilton, Dave Merriman,

Councillor Curtice, PhillipCard, Sheila New


School Development Plan

Health & Safety/Premises

Chair – Dave Merriman, Philip Card, Elaine Thomas and Caretaker






Governor Roles – Curriculum Subjects


Elinor Iles

Key Skills

Sheila New


Yvonne Hamilton

Art & DT

Elinor Iles


Chris Scott


Elaine Thomas


Chris Scott

PE & Games

Chris Scott


Dave Merriman


Elaine Thomas


Philip Card

Religious Education

Janet Curtice


Tony Martin

Foundation Phase

Yvonne Hamilton



New Curriculum

Tony Martin

Other Governor Roles

Special Needs Governor

Sheila New

Child Protection/LAC

Chris Scott + Sheila New

Ethnic Minorities Gov

Janet Curtice

Eco Schools

Yvonne Hamilton

Transition Governor

Elinor Iles

Schools Council

Elaine Thomas

Whistle blowing Gov

Elinor Iles

Extra-cur activities

Chris Scott

Healthy Schools

Yvonne Hamilton

More Able & Talented

Sheila New

Training Governor

Chris Scott


Dave Merriman