Gardening Club

Last modified 24/11/2015 14:44

 Welcome to Gardening Club......

We have been so busy in Gardening Club! We have been meeting on a Tuesday and Thursday at Lunchtime to make our garden and planters look wonderful. We had to weed the planters first and take out all of the dead weeds and flowers using tools like trowels and forks. We had to be very careful not to harm any of the big worms we found!! We have planted lots of bulbs so in the spring the school will look so pretty with all the flowers. We have also planted daffodil bulbs so they will bloom for St. David’s Day. We have started to weed all the big beds in the Garden too using the big spades and forks. We put all the dead flowers and vegetables in our compost bin. We have worked together to plan what the garden should look like, we want to plant, flowers and fruit so we can use them in our cooking!

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