Year 4 Links

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Curriculum Links

We have been looking at a range of websites to support our work. Click on the links to access the sites.

Parkland Primary School accepts no liability for incorrect information or for any adverse incidents which may arise after linking to these sites.


ENGLISH - Speech marks -


HISTORY - Stuarts - General Information - www.historyonthenet/com/Stuarts/stuartsmain.html


MATHS - Number Bonds to 10 -


MATHS - division -


SCIENCE - Electricity circuits -


SCIENCE - Electricity in the home -


SCIENCE - Simple Circuits -


MATHS - Number Gym general Maths skills -


HISTORY - Fire of London - Plague - wordsearches -






Maths/Geography - co-ordinates/direction -


Maths - telling time -


Maths -time (difference btwn 2 times) -


Science - sorting animals/plants -


Science - habitats -


Geography - Recycling -


Maths - subtraction -


Science - Food chains - www.acocksgreen/


Science - adaptation to habitats -


Science -habitats -


Science- Learn all about insulation and keeping warm with this fun Science activity


English - Information and activities to help develop understanding of prefixes.


English - Information and activities on suffixes


Reading in Wales - Use this site for information about a great reading challenge


ICT - You can build your own robot with this amazing simulation site - Please do not allow use unsupervised.


Maths - Help to measure distances around the World



Maths - Fun activities to help you learn about 2D and 3D Shapes


Maths - Find the difference by counting on in this Count on Convict game


Maths - Great site with a variety of games to suit all abilities and help to tell the time


History ? A great resource to help you find out more information about the Stuarts


RE - Scroll down the page to learn all about different religions types of worship and symbols used.