School Aims

Last modified 16/05/2011 15:19

 “Everyone unique: caring, sharing, learning together.”

At Parkland, we are committed to every child achieving success in a happy, safe and stimulating environment.  We endeavour to provide rich experiences for our children, encourage high standards of achievement and attainment in all aspects of school life, promote professional expertise among our staff and, not least, provide a welcoming and caring atmosphere throughout the school.

We believe that children should learn to care about others as well as themselves.  Therefore, we try to foster not only a love of learning and knowledge, but also a regard for truth, fairness and compassion. 

We believe that the success of our school depends on the contribution of  each and every member of our school community.  We are always looking to improve and develop through a continuous cycle of self-evaluation.

 We are committed to our aims, values and beliefs which are reflected in our school’s ethos and atmosphere.  We share a common purpose and a conscious desire to fulfil our aims for the benefit of our community.



We aim to make our school a place where –

ü      every individual is valued and respected;

everyone is important;

ü      all relationships are based on trust, respect and personal regard for others;

we care for each other;

      each child finds learning enjoyable and challenging and develops a real desire to learn;

learning is fun;

ü      each child develops a positive self-image, is self-disciplined and achieves their full potential;

we all try to do the best that we can;

ü      a sound curriculum is provided which displays breadth, balance and relevance and is differentiated to reflect individual needs and talents;

we work in different ways because we are all good at different things;

ü      there is a commitment to inspiring and empowering staff in order to develop the leadership of all;

all the staff are ready and able to help;

ü      we are continually developing a self-evaluating and forward-thinking ethos, fully involving and consulting staff, pupils, parents and governors;

we listen to everyone’s points of view;

ü      staff and governors actively seek to raise standards;

the staff and governors keep working to help us improve;

ü      we seek to contribute to, and enhance the life of, the wider community.

we learn about, and help, people in our community and around the world.