Regional Home School Agreement - Absences during term time

Last modified 01/02/2016 11:51

Home School Contract

Absences in Term Time


Name of Pupil/s:

School Year






















Name of School:


Head teacher:


Name of parent/carer:


Contact number/s:


Place of Visit:


Date of Visit:



Address/contact details for visit


Has flight information/ destination information been confirmed:


The date the pupil will return to school:


Mobile Phone:


UK contact details

(name, address and contact number of a relative or friend who we can make contact with if you do not return on the stated date)




Please note that the decision has been taken at Consortium level that all absences due to holidays and extended visits should not be authorised by any Head Teachers within the six Local Authorities in the South West and Mid Wales consortium.


If, however, there is extended absence, then the parent/s or guardian/s will discuss with the school about taking work to ensure that the child keeps up with their education during the absence.


If the pupil/s do/does not return by the agreed date they are at risk of losing their school place/s and they will be removed from the school register in accordance with the admission guidance Education (Pupil Registration) (Wales) Regulations 2010 section 4 which states ‘the pupils has ceased to attend the school and no longer resides within a reasonable distance from the school’.


Please note that we cannot guarantee that a place will be available for your child in the school of your choice on your return but you will be offered a place at the nearest school with room available in the year group.


Failure to return on the agreed date will prompt welfare concerns; a child who goes missing from education may be considered to be at risk of significant harm. Any such concerns will immediately be referred to the statutory authorities for consideration.




Signed:_________________________ Parent or Guardian                       Date:__________



Signed:_________________________ Head teacher                                Date:__________