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Governors of Parkland Primary School


The Governing Body of Parkland Primary School consists of seventeen members whose role is to seek individually and collectively to represent the interests of the school and the community.


Headteacher                                         Clerk to Governors:

Mrs Anne Lloyd                                                      Mrs S Maloney

                                                                             C/o Parkland Primary School

                                                                             Sketty Park Drive,

                                                                             Sketty Swansea SA2 8NG


Governors Appointed by the                                Term of office ending

Local Education Authority (4)


Cllr Cheryl Philpott                                               18.01.2018

Mrs S Wilks                                                         17.03.2019

Mrs E Davies                                                       17.03.2019

Mr C O’Brien                                                        16.07.2019


Governors Appointed by Parents

of Parkland Primary School (5)

Mrs Clare Aubrey                                                 02.02.2021

Mr Neil Miles                                                       02.02.2021

Mr Gavin Evans                                                     02.02.2021

Mrs K Stevenson                                                  24.01.2020

Mrs H Ansell Williams                                          24.01.2020   


Community Governors (4)                                               

Mr J Ellis (Chair of Governors)                              25.03.2019


Mrs M lewis                                                           24.01.2020

Mr D Rees                                                             24.01.2020


Governors elected by the Teacher staff of

Parkland Primary School (2)

Mrs R Leahy                                                         24.10.2017

Mrs C Parton                                                        24.10.2017


Governors elected by the Support staff of

Parkland Primary School (1)

Jane Jones