After School Club

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Parkland After School Club


Headteacher: Mrs A Lloyd                            Playleader: Mrs S Beynon

Parkland Primary School

Tel: 01792 205462                                                        




In line with the school's philosophy the aims and objectives of the club are as follows:

+        provide and develop a reliable, affordable and quality child care

          facility, both before and after school;


+        offer parents a facility which will enable them to enhance their opportunity to participate more fully in the labour market;


+        provide a service that meets the varying needs of the community;


+        reduce the dangers that children may face without adequate care;


+        provide a relaxed, secure and happy environment rich in a variety of rewarding and carefully planned experiences, so that children learn, play, achieve and have fun;


The Club will be open every school day from 3.30 pm to 5.20 pm.  Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children will be collected from their classrooms and the older children will meet in the Hall.  The children can be collected at any time from the club but it must be by a recognised adult. Please ring the After school club mobile 07582794470.



All staff will be appropriately qualified and police vetted.  There will be at least one member of staff to every eight children.  Children with special needs may necessitate a higher staff/child ratio.



The fees are £6.50 per child per session,

There will be adequate space and areas for a variety of activities, indoors and outdoors.  The premises will be childproof, safe, warm and light, with at least one toilet per ten children with separate staff facilities.



A fire drill will be carried out at the start of each term.  All new staff and children will be advised of the procedure immediately.


The club is committed to offering this service to all members of the community on an equal basis, irrespective of ethnic origin, religion or ability.  Girls and boys will be encouraged to take part in all activities.  Children's preferences, not gender should be the deciding factor in what they do.



Provided a place is available all children have an equal opportunity to apply for it.  However, if the club is full a waiting list will be kept, on a first come, first served basis.  The only exception to this is a child requiring a full time place will be given priority over a child requiring a part time place.



The equipment will be checked regularly for safety and cleanliness.  Children are not allowed in the kitchen area.  Children will be required to wash their hands before eating.  A nutritious snack will be provided.  Special dietary needs will be taken into consideration and the food will be prepared in a clean and hygienic way.



There is an up to date comprehensive insurance.



Detailed records of children will be kept confidentially.  All emergency numbers and details of special needs will be available to the staff.  A register will be kept of daily attendances.



The staff will encourage positive behaviour and close team work.  Any persistent disruptive behaviour will be reported to the playleader, who will consider what action would be necessary. 


Any suggestions or ideas from parents regarding the club will be welcome.  Parents wishing to see for themselves how the club operates are welcome to call in at any time.