Year 1

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Year 1 Autumn 2014
Welcome to Year 1. I hope that you have had a great summer and that your child enjoys the year ahead. Each week I will send out a letter containing information about what we will be doing in class, events and trips, learning intentions and any reminders. However here are a few things you might like to know about Year 1.
Mrs Harris is our Teaching Assistant and my right hand woman. She is an experienced staff member and can help with any query if I am not available. Mrs Arcari will continue to work with the class too.

The children may bring in fruit for break. Water is always available from the fountain and milk will be available during morning break but the children may also bring in a named water bottle if they wish. The basket for fruit and water is by the classroom door.

Miss Draper will take the children for music and Welsh on a Friday afternoon.


Gym is on a Wednesday morning. The children should wear vest and pants as last year.
Morning, lunch and home routines are mostly the same as last year. We encourage the children to be independent when sorting out coats and lunchboxes but I am always in the hall to help them or if you need a word before school.
We will be working outside as much as we can either in the yard or our garden and so please can you ensure that the children have coats, hats, sun cream etc as necessary.


I am in the process of arranging a number of visits and trips. Most of these will be around the village, in the park or the Castle Fields. I will send home a sheet with all details as soon as dates are finalised. If you would like to come with us on any of our trips then please let me know. We love to have parent and grandparents along to help.

Included with the weekly letter will be an activity to do at home. This is usually a maths or topic related activity and links directly with work we are doing in class. Please make sure that it is done by Friday as we often share our findings at the end of the week.

This year the children can bring home books of their own choosing to read with you and should change their book at least once a week. The idea is for you both to enjoy reading together. Don’t worry if your child cannot read it all just help and encourage them. Once the book has been read just fill in the sheet and it can be exchanged for another on any day.

We will be using the Letters and Sounds phonics programme and will be introducing sounds four at a time. Please help your child to learn these sounds and the words that they can make by spotting them as you read, playing I Spy and looking out for them around your home and outside as well.

Our theme this term is Food Glorious Food. We shall be finding out about different types of food, what it means to have a healthy diet and the joy of preparing and sharing food together. If you work in the food industry or if you have a special expertise or interest and would like to come in and talk to the children then we would love to have you come into class. Please pop in to see me after school or send in a note to arrange a date. Similarly, if you are able to help in the class in any way for example: listening to readers, working with small groups of children, helping in the produce garden or coming on trips, then please come in and let me know when you are available.

 Unfortunately, we now have to ask that any volunteers provide two references. If you have already handed in your references then there is no need to do them again. If you do need to do them then I include a pro forma together with 2 letters so that you can fill in the blanks. Thank you so much in advance.

At the bottom of this sheet is a food allergies slip. If your child has any sensitivity to a particular food please can you return the slip this week.  

Below is my e-mail address if you prefer to keep in touch this way and I try very hard to put letters and dates on our website just in case any letters go missing.

Lastly, my door is always open so if you would ever like to talk about your child or the work that we are doing please feel free to pop in and see me after school.
With Best Wishes
Debbie Webster

Child’s name____________________________________

Has a food sensitivity to __________________________

Any special action to be taken _____________________

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