PTA Minutes

Last modified 24/03/2015 08:49

Forthcoming PTA events/ dates for the diary 

1. Pub Quiz night (date tbc by Elise) to be held at the school. Tickets will be sold in advance to include some nibbles plus there will be a bar to buy drinks. 

2. Easter disco 25th March - details to provided nearer the time

3. Rounders Competition (10th May) - we will be a having another competition this year following the great success and good feedback from last year - details to be provided nearer the time but we will be looking for people to put together teams to compete.

4. Cricket Tournament (28th June) another great event from last year to be re-run this year. We are looking for someone to lead the co-ordination of this. 

5. PTA Summer fete (20th June) - details nearer the time 

6. Painting the School yards (7/8th March) - to complement the great work done by David Hastie in decorating the infant block it is proposed to hold a painting weekend where we are asking parents help and support for a couple of hour to paint the school yards. Paints and templates will be provided so we will just to come along and paint. Please contact Celia O'Brien on 07809737347 if you can help. 

 7. PTA summer BBQ - 10th July - details nearer the time 

8. Forthcoming PTA meeting dates :

    - 3rd June 6.30pm 

Other Business 

1. Sarah Croft asked whether we were aware of the PTA UK charitable organisation and it was confirmed we are already members. 

2. New Artwork on the walls of the infant block - it was noted how fantastic this looked and a huge thanks to David Hastie and everyone involved for all their hard work in making this happen. It was agreed that we should do something to publicise this.  Celia O'Brien to liaise with David / evening post and Helen Flanders to see if we can something in the Mumbles Times.

3. School website - feedback that the content is not up to date. Emily Lewis to speak to Deni Pyke as it was suggested her husband could maybe help.

4. International day - it was raised as to whether we could do something to support the event on the 21st May but was felt there was a lot already planned for this year and to consider for next year.

5. Recipe book - Cathy Thornton and Rebecca Dunstan are hoping to pull this together for spring time to sell with recipes contributed by parents. It was suggested that it could be focused on healthy childrens meals ? If people can support by providing their favourite recipes that would be appreciated.

6. St David's day photos - this worked well in previous years. Emily Lewis to check prices with Tesco & availability of people to take photo's of the children