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Welcome to Oystermouth Primary School

me_NurseryMrs_Penn-over-01w/b 1st September 2014
Dear Parents,
Welcome back to another new term and "Welcome to OYSTERMOUTH" to all new parents and children. A more detailed termly plan will follow soon - so this is just a "gentle" introduction to the year!
A maths letter will be sent out regularly to give you some idea of what your child is doing in maths. Please remember that this is just a guide, as children develop at different rates and we try to work with all individual needs. Your child might be able to do more than is suggested or have no idea at all. Don't worry! Until Friday, 12th September, we will be looking at numbers to 10: counting to 10 using a number track. We will be using language such as count, count on, number names 1 to 10, forwards, backwards etc. At home, your child might like to look through newspapers/magazines (with your help) to find numbers 1 to 10 (or 1to 5). Cut them out and stick them in order on a piece of paper. All work from home is put into a big folder for the children to look at and talk about.
As our theme is "Food and Farming", we would welcome any books, games etc for the children to talk about with the rest of the Nursery.
Parent rota will start as soon as the new children are settled. If you don't think you're quite up to a whole morning in the Nursery, you are welcome to come in and read a story at the end of the morning. Just come in and arrange a date. We will need parental support for our visits to the woods, Swansea market, Pontarddulais local produce market and a farm. We are hoping to make these visits before half term. More details soon.
As our term's book is "Rosie's Walk", one day next week, depending on the weather, we will be making a visit to my house for the children to be introduced to Rose and Sally (my hens!)
I will be sending out a list of the children and their birthdays as it is often easier (and cheaper!) to combine parties if you intend having one.

We will be taking part in the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Thursday, 25th September but making milkshakes instead of coffee! We would be grateful for any contributions of bought or homemade cakes to eat on the day and sell after school. More details soon.

We have made a provisional date for our Nursery Evening for Parents which is Tuesday, 21st October between 5 and 7p.m.

The Infant Christmas Concert will take place during the week beginning 8th December.

REMINDER - GYM - Thursday
(We will begin this Thursday, 4th September)
make sure all sweatshirts, poloshirts etc are labelled and that your child is wearing a vest.

Half term is the week beginning Monday, 27th October.

Many thanks for your support. More details soon about events during the term but, please, if you have any worries or concerns let us know.

The Nursery Staff