Our Rules

Last modified 30/01/2012 22:01

Rules for Responsible Computer and Internet Use:

- I understand that the school network is only for educational use.

- I will only access the school network with my own class login and password, unless permission is given from a member of staff.

- I will not try to find out any other passwords. If I do discover any then I will immediately report this to a member of staff.

- I will not access other people’s files or folders unless I have permission.

- I will always ask permission from a member of staff before using the internet.

-  I will not upload, download or view any materials which are illegal or inappropriate or likely to cause harm or distress to others.

- I will immediately report any faults or damage to ICT equipment or software.

- I will not download and install programs of any type on a machine, nor will I try to alter computer settings.

- I will only email people my teacher has approved.

- The messages I send will be polite and responsible and will not include any of my personal details such as home address or telephone number.

- I will report any unpleasant material or messages sent to me.

-  I understand that the school may check my computer files and my use of the internet.