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Welcome to the Governors’ page of Newton Primary School website.

This section is devoted exclusively to Governing Body matters.

We hope you will find it helpful to read about what we do, who we are and how we are organised. Governors play an important part in the life and work of the school. In order to help us undertake our responsibilities and duties effectively and efficiently, we are guided and supported by the local authority, Governors Wales and the Clerk to the Governing Body. There are a wide range of training opportunities available.


Most queries about the daily  organisation and management of Newton Primary School and the progress of any individual child should be directed in the first instance to the school itself. However, the Chairperson or other Governors will be happy to answer any more general questions, particularly in relation to the role of the Governing Body. Letters or e.mail should be sent to the school for our attention.


Governors do not manage the school this is the role of the Headteacher and her Leadership team. The Governing Body has overall responsibility for the conduct of Newton School and within that, particular responsibilities to promote high quality teaching and learning and therefore raise standards of education and the welfare of pupils.  All of this is contained in a legal framework. Governors are responsible for the strategic vision and direction of the school and for supporting the Head and her staff in working towards achieving that vision.


  • Agree the aims, objectives and values of the school
  • Agree policies, targets and priorities relating to the aims, purposes and practices of the school
  • Monitor and evaluate the above to see whether they are being achieved
  • Influence and approve the School Development (Improvement) Plan and approve and monitor the allocation and expenditure of the school budget
  • Make sure the National Curriculum is taught and there is sufficient staff to teach it
  • Monitor and review the school’s progress
  • Ensure individual pupils’ needs are met, including additional needs
  • Recruit and select staff
  • Give parents and other interested local people information about the school
  • Produce action plans following school inspections
  • Establish positive links with the local business and wider communities
  • Support the day-to-day operational decisions taken by the Headteacher
  • Promote the effectiveness of Newton School Governing Body by attending relevant training in order to develop knowledge and understanding of the complex nature of schools today.


Governors meet on a regular basis in formal committees. The full Governing Body meets each term along with those committees dealing with the curriculum, personnel, finance, health and safety and buildings. Additionally, individual Governors are linked with various aspects of the work of the school. Reports are submitted regularly by staff throughout the year. Whenever possible, Governors support staff and pupils by attending the many events that take place during the course of the year. 


The composition of the Governing Body is made up of people who bring a wide range of skills and expertise to the role, have a key interest in the school and include parents, teachers, staff, the local community and the LEA. The Headteacher is also a Governor. With the exception of the Head, Governors are volunteers with fixed, four year, terms of office after which they must be re-elected or re-appointed. There must be an election for the Chair and Vice-Chair of Governors each year. The composition of Newton Governing Body is as follows:

Parent Governors                                    Term of Office ends

Mrs Claire Davies                                           19.05.19

Dr Nia Love                                                      9.12.18

Mrs Rachel Fender                                        19.11.19

Mrs Claire Wookey-Evans                             19.11.19

Teacher Governor

Mrs Tracy Margetts                                        31.8.18

Staff Governor


Community Governors

Mrs Lesley Davies                                         9.12.21  (Chair)

Ms Anne Greenwood                                     15.9.20

Mr Robert Marshall                                         1.9.21

Additional Community Governor


LEA Governors

Cllr Will Thomas                                             2021

Mr George Butterfield                                    30.1.20

Mr David Cottle                                              27.3.21

Headteacher Governor

 Miss Helena Rees

Clerk to the Governing Body (not a Governor)

 Mrs Angela Treadwell

Total: 14

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, here at Newton or any other school, you can contact the Headteacher or Clerk at school and the School and Governor Unit at the Civic Centre. Tel. 01792 636551

Email: kate.philips2@swansea-edunet.gov.uk

March 2018


Your right to request a meeting with the school’s governing body


The Schools Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 (The Act) removed the requirement for school governing bodies to hold an annual meeting with parents. Instead, new arrangements were introduced to enable parents to request up to 3 meetings in any school year with a governing body, on matters which are of concern to them.


If parents wish to use their rights under the Act to hold a meeting, 4 conditions will need to be satisfied:



1. Parents will need to raise a petition in support of holding a meeting.


The parents of at least 10% of the school’s registered pupils will need to sign the petition. If it is a paper petition, then a written signature must be given as well as the name and class of each child who is a registered pupil at the school. If the petition is in electronic format, the ‘signature’ required is the typed name of the parent plus the name and class of each child who is a registered pupil at the school and the email address of each parent who ‘signs’ the electronic petition.


There were 238 children registered as pupils with this school at the beginning of this academic year. Exact roll numbers at any time during the year may be obtained from the school office.



2. The meeting must be called to discuss matters which affect the school


The meeting cannot be called to discuss such matters as the progress of individual pupils, or to make a complaint against a member of the school’s staff or governing body.


The petition should contain brief details of the matter(s) to be discussed, and the reasons for calling the meeting. This information should be clearly displayed at the top of the petition, with parents’ signatures appearing below.






3. A maximum of 3 meetings can be held during the school year


The law allows parents to use their rights to request up to 3 meetings with a school governing body during the school year.



4. There must be at least 25 school days left in the school year


The law makes it a condition that at least 25 school days are left in the school year when the petition is received so that the meeting can be held.


A “school day” means a day when the school is open to pupils: it does not include weekends, public holidays, school holidays or INSET days.




The address for service of a petition requesting a meeting with this school’s governing body is:




Further advice on how parents may to go about requesting a meeting with a governing body is available on the Welsh Government’s website at:




Helena Rees


September 2015