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welcome OAU


 Welcome to the Autumn Term 2017


A big warm welcome back to the Autumn Term 2017

This term we will be studying the topic ‘Is it Shiny?’  This will lend itself nicely to Halloween and Christmas celebrations.

The children will be learning about items/objects that are shiny/not shiny, the differing properties of materials, reflections and mirrors and things that glow.

Our books for this term are:

‘Bringing Down the Moon’

‘How to Catch a Star’

OAU t.table

Children will be required to provide nappies and wipes (if necessary), a change of clothes, wet weather gear and wellington boots. 

I am sure that your child will have loads of fun over the next term. 

We look forward to your cooperation. 

Remember we have an open door policy so feel free to telephone or call in if you have any questions, queries or concerns. 


Mrs. Lucas, Miss Watkins & Miss Labbett