Proposal for the Alterations to the School Day

Written by Burnell, Lee on 05/04/2017 12:55:54.

This consultation process will help us determine that these proposals are suitable (or not) to our whole school community. The new day structure strives to:

  • Increase Teaching Time - by reducing teachers' non-contact time as this will take place after 3pm.
  • Increase Learning Time - by reducing breaks, less interruptions and greater momentum in the learning.
  • Improve Positivity - by reducing the impact of last break accidents, injuries and frustration times.
  • Reduced Costs - less teacher cover & relief for meetings, etc - as these activities will take place after 3pm.
  • Improved standards - more teaching & learning time, greater continuity in school day to complete activities.

Please use the following link to acess the online questionnaire that will enable you to have your say.

Parent Questionnaire

Pupil Questionnaire

Staff Questionnaire