.....tell the school my child is going on holiday?

Last modified 31/03/2014 14:21

Due to national and local legislation, we are now unable to authorise any absence due to holiday during term time.  Please read the following from South West and Mid Wales Consortium:

 “The six directors within the South West and Mid Wales Education Consortium have already  taken the decision that all absences caused due to pupils being taken on holiday during term time should be deemed to be unauthorised. 

 The link between good attendance and high standards is a very strong one and as such the Directors are eager to encourage high attendance rates and to discourage holidays being taken during term time. Therefore the decision has been taken that all absences due to holidays should not be authorised by any Head Teachers within the six Local Authorities in the South West and Mid Wales consortium.”

Eifion Evans

Lead Director, South West and Mid Wales Consortium