LPS Super Council

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LPS Super Council 2015-16


I am very pleased to announce that we have just been awarded our Phase 5 Healthy Schools award.  It was a 2 year project in which both the pupils and staff have worked extremely hard.  We focused on the area of 'Safety' and each class investigated a different area and carried out activities related to safety.  We also recently completed a Healthy week which was very successful.  All classes completed work about being healthy, we held a race for life day, had martial arts taster sessions and we had lots of fun in our PE sessions learning about why it is good to stay healthy. 

I am so proud of all the time and effort that the Super Council have put in to helping us achieve our Healthy Schools award. I look forward to starting our Phase 6 in September.

Miss Jones




Our Eco-Code

Make sure your litter goes in the bin

Recycle as much as possible

Look after each other in school

Keep our school buildings safe and walls intact

Everyone contact the world more

Make sure taps are turned off and save rainwater

Switch off equipment that’s not being used

We should walk and cycle to school when possible

Eat a balanced diet

Keep fit and healthy