Healthy Schools

Last modified 10/02/2011 12:55

We are pleased to inform you that on Wednesday 5th May 2010 the school was awarded Phase 5 (Year 1) of the Healthy Schools Scheme.  Phase 5 takes place over two years and we will be continuing to work hard to complete our Phase 5 targets by Summer 2011.

 healthy school

The Healthy Schools Scheme plays a very important role in our children's learning and has a major role in shaping our future adults.  At Gwyrosydd we believe that the messages and choices we equip our children with today will hopefuly give them the skills needed to lead happy, healthy, fulfilled lives and allow them to make the correct health and lifestyle choices in the future not just for themselves but for their future generations.

Should you require further information regarding the Healthy Schools Scheme and the work being carried out at Gwyrosydd please contact the school office.