The A to Z of Great Attendance

Last modified 05/05/2015 14:33

    Appointments -  Please try to arrange appointments outside school hours.

B    Breakfast -  Don't let breakfast get in the way of getting your child to school on time, bring them to breakfast club.

C     Casual Absence -  Be aware of those casual days off for shopping and birthdays, they all add up!

    Dinner - Try to prepare packed lunches the night before so you don't have to stop at the shops on the way.    

E     Encourage - Encourage your child to prepare for school the night before.

F     Friendships - Made at school can stay with your child for the rest of thier life.

G     Good attendance -  It's the secret of succcess.

H     Homework - Homework should be done in the evenings and not rushed before school starts.

     Inset Days - Don't keep children off school just because their siblings have an inset day.

J     Jump for Joy - Celebrate with your classmates when you achieve the excellent award for 100% attendance

K    Keep fit - Leave plenty of time to walk to school, a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind.

    Lateness - Being late disrupts the whole class and means missing vital lesson introductions

M     Missed minutes - Just fifteen miniutes late each day means missing two whole weeks of school each year.

N     Nursery - Help your child to develop good habits from an early age.

O     Opportunites - School means fantastic opportunites to enjoy exciting activities.

P     Praise - Always remember to praise your child for trying hard and being organised.

Q     Question - Ask your child about their day at school.

R     Ring school - Don't forget to let the school know if your child is going to be absent or late.

S      Sickness - We understand that sometimes your children don't feel well, but do they really need to be off school?

T     Term time holiday - Schools are no longer able to authorise time off for holidays during term time.

U     Unauthorised absences - These can lead to prosecution after ten missed sessions. That's only five school days!

V     Visit School - If you have any concerns or worries about getting your child to school on time.

W     Website - Check back to the website to see how your child's class is performing.

X     Excellent Chart - Don't forget everyone has to attend before the register is complete to move the star up the chart. One child being late will effect the whole class.

Y     You - Are legally responsible for making sure your child attends school regularly.

Z     Zzzzzz - Early bed times makes it easier for everyone in the morning and makes a better start to the school day.