Ten Top Tips To Tremendous Attendance

Last modified 05/05/2015 14:18


1.     Parents can help by packing school bags the night before and making sure homework is completed.

2.     Tired children aren't punctual and kind find it hard to concerntrate, so ensure children have a sensible age appropriate bed time.

3.     Children can become unsettled if they have to go into school late, getting children to school on time gives them time to meet their friends on the yard and helps settle them for the day.

4.     Make time for breakfast, so there is no stopping at shops on the way where we can be enticed by unhealthy options.

5.     Have a calendar at home to keep track of special trips or activities, this will help you and your children to be prepared.

6.     Be aware of the impact of regular absences, missing school is missing out.

7.     Try to avoid taking family holidays in term time.

8.     Try to make non urgent dental and medical appointments out of school time.

9.     If your child recovers from illness before the end of the week send them back to school even if it's only for one day - every day counts!

10.     Alarm clocks and morning routines are a great way to start the day.