Social Networking

Last modified 02/02/2016 11:03

Dear Parent / Gaurdian

RE: Inappropriate comments made on Social Networking site Facebook

I am truly saddened that it has come to my attention that yesterday a parent made disparaging comments about the school and the staff on the Social Networking Site - Facebook.

I together with the Governing Body and the Local Authority consider such behaviour to be unacceptable and unfairly damaging to the reputation of the school and its staff who work so very hard to help children be the best they can be.

Therefore, it is with regret that I have to respectfully and politely remind you that such inappropriate comments on any networking site are not made in the future.  Should such behaviour persist then the Local Authority will consider taking appropriate action.

Our school has an open door policy and we completely understand that parents may wish to discuss issues arising from their child's attendance at the school, but would ask politely that any complaint or issue is addressed through the appropriate channels.  You will be aware that you have Parent Governor Representatives who you may also speak openly to about and feel happy to share your concerns with, who will bring these issues to me and the Governing Body.

I am also completely happy to discuss any concerns parents may have, as many of you know and have experienced this term already.  We are all committed to improving our school and any constructive comments and ideas are welcomed andf encouraged.

Your sincerely

Fiona Gibbard

Acting Headteacher