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When - Friday lunchtimes 12.30~ 1.00 

Where - Miss Davies' classroom

Run by - Miss Davies 

Our Rights Respecting School Ambassadors work hard at giving pupils 'a voice' in the running of the school and suggesting ways of dealing with issues that concern them. Focussing on ‘articles’ that our pupils see to be of great importance, each week, the children discuss, plan and carry out strategies to ensure that our rights of the month are catered for by the school, in the best possible way. 


What we've been up to...


Article 19: The right to be kept safe.


We discussed this article and decided to focus on Bonfire Night and Anti-bullying week.

We had great fun creating posters about Bonfire Night Safety and displayed them all around the school.

RRS bonfire posters

For Anti-bullying week we asked teachers to provide bullying activities with their class such as circle time, role-play and creating posters. We also provided a ;helping hands' activity for all children during playtime. We gave them hand outlines and pencils for them to write and/or draw their ideas on how to help others. They did a great job!



Article 14: The right to follow your own religion.


We decided to share this right by celebrating the variety of religions within our school. Teachers were asked to give children time to share their experiences of their favourite religious celebration, such as Christmas, Diwali or Hanukkah, with their friends.



 Article 29: The right to be the best that we can be.


We had a whole school assembly to discuss the New Year and New Year's Resolutons. We were then asked to return to class and share our own New Year's resolutions with our friends. We focused on resolutions that would help us to be the best that we can be.



Article 15: The right to meet with your friends and join groups and clubs.


We have decided to encourage children to join the clubs that our school has to offer by creating a timetable of all of the clubs and display it around the school for all to see.


Article 24: Your right to good food and water.

We have been desiging  posters to display around the school encouraging pupils and staff to drink plenty of clean fresh water throughout the day.  We have written a letter home to parents asking them to allow their children to bring in a re-usable water bottle so that they can have water througout the day.


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