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pupils of the week

shooting star clipartSEREN YR WYTHNOS


A great big congratulations to all our winners of 'Seren Yr Wythnos' - Da iawn!!


Y6J                 Marisha            for fantastic art work!

Y4/5 WR         Jun Yi               for brilliant abstract art!

Y4/5PS           Ashton              for brilliant change in attitiude!

Y3/4 B            Jun ci               for a fab effort in class and completing all his work!

Y3 E               Sarah               for brilliant Maths work this week!

Y2A/H             Ziad                 for great reading and always smiling!

Y1/2B             Jayden             for fab sitting!

Y1Q               Zachary            for amazing maths work on temperature!

RecJ              Ellie-may          for improved listening on the carpet! 

Rec D            Betsy-Lou         for raising lots of money for Red Nose Day!

Nursery         Hejan                for good listening and sitting!