PDG Spend Plan 2017-18

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Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG) Annual Spend Plan

Grant Amddifadedd Disgyblion (GAD) Cynllun Gwariant Blynyddol




Gors Community School, Swansea


Mrs Fiona Gibbard, Head teacher 




At Gors Community School, we use the Pupil Deprivation Grant in order to narrow the gap in both attainment and achievement for this targeted group. We fund a number of approaches aimed at developing self-esteem, practical skills and emotional resilience, as well as academic knowledge and skill. We track progress on a pupil-by-pupil basis and ensure that high quality teaching is in place day by day. Other interventions are targeted and specific and aimed at removing barriers to learning and enjoyment that social context and poverty can lead to.




Total PDG / Cyfanswm GAD 











Continuum Key:             C – Collaborative           D- Developmental         E – Evaluative               ST – Strategic               SU - Sustainable




Activity – action required, for instance, recruitment of outstanding teachers (WA)



Outputs – evidence that activities have occurred, for instance the number of teachers that have received catch up training (WA)

Outcomes the difference / impact made, for instance improvement in numeracy levels. (WA)


Inputs resources, in this case the PDG funding and human resource required (WA)


Activity supported

i.e. collaborative, evaluative and


( This will form the basis of the Cluster Financial Spend Plan ) 


Intended Outputs

(evidence based)

Intended Outcomes

i.e. Provision


Family Liaison Officers in post to support vulnerable families and attendance

Support groups for families to  be set up from Community Rooms in the School

School to be part of Team around the Family Early intervention team project for schools


2 Family Liaison Officers trained in Emotional and  Behaviour support for vulnerable groups

2 Family Liaison Officers working with EWO to support activities to improve attendance and receive training

2 Family Liaison Officers to be trained in TAF strategies

All vulnerable families have access to full time support from Family Liaison Officers and Early Intervention Team

Pupils to have full time access to places of safety and receive additional support for any worries or perceived bullying

Attendance to improve to 94% or above




Teaching assistant support for pupils who are receipt of FSM in Foundation Phase


2 Teaching assistants to receive training and support from SENCO  to address learning needs of all pupils who are receipt of FSM to ensure that they achieve their full potential

All pupils in Foundation Phase in receipt of FSM achieve their full potential



Whole school intervention programme catch up numeracy/Numicon



3 Members of staff to be trained in use of catch up programmes  of ‘Catch up numeracy’ intervention programme and Numicon 1-1 intervention


All pupils identified and with whom intervention has taken place to make more than expected progress and to access curriculum through improved Literacy and Numeracy skills




Pupils with Speech and Language learning needs to be supported through the use of Language Link Programme


1 member of staff trained in the use of Language Link to support pupils (1/2 day, daily)

Pupils in receipt of FSM to be supported and have improved receptive and expressive language skills in order to exit the programme


HLTA employed to support FSM pupils in Year 6 to raise standards for FSM pupils who are MAT. Releasing teacher to work with pupils who are in need of more direct intervention to achieve potential


Pupils in receipt of FSM to achieve beyond expectations at the end of KS2, and to maintain school’s excellent  record of equitable attainment and achievement of pupils who are FSM against  those who are not.

HTLA to work in collaboration with year 6 teacher and plan jointly

Pupils in receipt of FSM to make better than expected progress in Mathematics and NNT

Pupils who are to achieve level 5 to attain comparable scores in the NNT


Teaching assistant support in Year 3/4/5 to work directly with pupils identified to improve levels and carry out catch up interventions in the classroom during identified sessions. This will include pastoral support.


3 Teaching assistants to receive training and support from SENCO and class teachers  to address learning needs of all pupils who are receipt of FSM to ensure that they achieve their full potential

TA’s to use planning provided by teacher and to keep records of attainment

Pupils levels to increase by a minimum of 2 sub levels

Reading levels to increase to reflect those attained in Writing and oracy

Teachers and TA to work collaboratively to formatively asses pupils using schools pupil progress maps, pupil targets and IEPs where appropriate



Teacher employed in identified year group from April to August 2017 to support teacher/SENCO with pastoral support for pupils identified who are FSM who require additional input


Teacher to work collaboratively to support SENCO with emotional and behavioural needs of pupils who are FSM SENCO to be released in order to manage intervention programme effectively

Pupils identified to make better than expected progress (more than 2 sub levels)

Pupils identified to improve reading age to be less that 12 months below their chronological age

Intervention programmes to be regularly monitored and all staff involved to receive full support




Cyfansymiau / Total Cost