Gors Community School Equality Policy

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Gors Community School  - Ysgol Gymunedol y Gors

Equality Policy

Polisi cydraddoldeb

 ‘Imagine the world

Dychmygwch y Byd’




‘ All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood ‘

 Article 1 Universal declaration of Human Rights.

 We recognise that British and Welsh society is made up of people from many different backgrounds. We feel it is important to prepare our pupils to live a diverse society.

 1 School Context

 Our school serves a transient multi cultural community. Religious faiths include Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hindu, Buddhist. There are many different languages spoken by our pupils : English, Somali, Pushtu, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali / Syleti , Arabic, Slovak, Roma, Czech, Polish, Malay, Farsi, Hinko, German, Gujerati. We aim to be fully inclusive of pupils with a range of disabilities. 

 2 Aims

 The aims of this policy with regard to Race, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Gender identity, religion or belief and age are to :


  • Promote equality of opportunity for all
  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment or victimisation,
  • Promote social cohesion fostering good relations between people of different groups

 These aims reflect the General Duties required by the Equality Act 2010. The school is committed to working towards equality regardless of Race, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Gender identity or reassignment, Religion or Belief and Age and to the creation of an inclusive culture in which every individual regardless of ability and background is enable to participate in an is valued as a member of  the school community. We therefore promote positive approaches to difference and foster respect for people of all backgrounds. Our school moto ‘Imagine the World’ reflects our inclusive ethos and our commitment to aspiring our learners to be the best they can be regardless of the above.

 Stereotyped ways of thinking should be viewed as a lack of understanding and knowledge and may result in low self esteem and limited aspirations for the individual(s) involved. The school values and encourages involvement of people from all sections of the local community and through this involvement aims to provide positive images which challenge stereotypical thinking.

 The school is opposed to all forms of prejudice and discrimination as specified in the Equalities Act 2010. Language or behaviour which is racist, sexist, homophobic or potential damaging to any group will not be tolerated and will be challenged and reported. The school takes its responsibility to monitor and report on identity based incidents each term seriously and uses this information to plan strategies to combat incidents motivated by identity. We share this information with the LA to help shape actions to reduce identity based incidents across the city

 3  Responsibilities

 The Governing body is responsible for :

  • Making sure that the School complies with Equality legislation
  • Making sure that the Equality policy and its procedures are followed
  • Designating a governor with specific responsibility for Equality.

 The Headteacher is responsible for :

  • Making sure that the Equality policy is readily available along with all other policies relating to various aspects of Equality and Inclusion and that governors, staff, pupils, parents and carers are aware of their content.
  • Making sure that the policy and its procedures are followed
  • Producing regular information for staff and governors about how the policy is working and providing training for them on the policy if necessary
  • Making sure that all staff know their responsibilities and receive training and support in carrying these out.
  • Taking appropriate action in case of harassment and discrimination
  • Accessibility planning and overseeing the Equalities requirements within statutory arrangements
  • Monitoring the teaching and learning around issues of Equality and discrimination

 All staff are responsible for :

  • Dealing with racist, sexist, homophobic or any other incidents identity based incidents of harassment or bullying
  • Challenging discrimination
  • Being able to recognise and tackle bias and stereotyping
  • Celebrating diversity and promoting Equality and good relations between all groups
  • Keeping up to date with the law on discrimination and Equality
  • Teaching about issues of Equality and discrimination

 4 Communicating and reporting

The full Equalities statement is :

  • Published on the school’s website
  • Brought to the attention of all non Local Authority Government contractors and Service Providers
  • Brought to the attention of parents and is available on request for parents, visitors and members of the wider community

 The Equalities action plan is :

  • Included in the Strategic Equality Plan 2016 - 20
  • Communicated to all staff

 5 Monitor and review

 Both the Equalities policy and Strategic Equality plan will be monitored regularly and evaluated on an annual basis by the Headteacher and Senior Management Team in line with the School’s Development plan. As a school we are fully committed to Inclusive practice. We will continue to engage and consult with our whole school community and all stakeholders on issues relating to further developing our practice. As a consequence, the policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to include accurate whole school data.