Gors Community School Admissions Policy

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Gors Community School – Ysgol Gymunedol y Gors

Admissions Policy

Polisi Derbyniadau

 ‘Imagine the world

Dychmygwch y Byd’

 Article 12: You have the rights to learn and go to school



The Admission Policy for  Gors Community School has been formulated by the Governing Body.

It will be reviewed annually in the light of annual changes in pupil numbers and new legislation governing admissions.

The Policy aims to provide a clear statement on admissions made throughout the year and clarify the procedure for preferred placements. It is the wish of the Governing Body that the Head Teacher be delegated full responsibility for all admissions and that the HT should report back to the full Governing Body at termly meetings, updating all Governors on the current situation in respect of fluctuations in pupil numbers.

The Governing Body accepts the Local Authority (LA) calculations of pupil places for this academic year and will admit all pupils without prejudice up to that limit. Our current planned admission number is 44 (PAN). This means that new admissions will be made into Reception Class up to this number.

All subsequent applications will be considered and referred to the L.E.A. if there is no space for the pupil at our school.

 The Governing Body wishes to adopt the Local Education Authority Policy for Admissions and the proposed dates for preferred placements in its entirety.

 The agreed criteria for admission to Nursery this year will be: N2 55/N1 29 (total 88 across 2 classes including rising 3’s)

a) to adopt the LEA policy in its entirety,

b) The Governing Body will admit pupils with due regard to the guidance from L.A. and WG in respect of Equal Opportunities, Accessibility, Racial Equality, giving regard to the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs and the Disability Equality Scheme of this school.

The Accessibility Plan for the school aims to take account of current and future needs relating to anticipated admissions as well as current pupils.

 c) to review the criteria for admission to Nursery on an annual basis, early in the Autumn Term

d )to admit children who have had their 3rd birthday prior to 1st September each year whether in catchment, or out of catchment but intending to remain at Gors Community School as preferred placements for future years.

e) to admit children who have their 3rd birthday after 1st September each year at a mutually agreed date, the term following their 3rd birthday whether in catchment, or out of catchment but intending to remain at Gors Community School as preferred placements for future years.

This may not apply if all Nursery places have been filled by pupils who are already 3 years old by 1st September but the Governing Body will endeavour to provide as many places for these Rising 3 pupils as is possible within budget constraints.

Vision Statement 2016/17

 The Governing Body will continue to provide parents of children admitted to Gors Community School (in all age groups) with a prospectus relevant data to enable parents to make their selection of schools being fully informed on our provision.

 The School Website will provide additional information to support new parents to the school. All new Nursery pupils are provided with a handbook for starting Nursery.

 The Local Education Authority brochures for parents will be provided on entry to Reception and in Year 6 prior to transition to Secondary School.