Last modified 20/09/2016 12:30

A GREAT BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners from our Roald Dahl competition!!

All of the entries were absolutly amazing which made judging extremely difficult!!

Our third place winners gained1 house point,second place 2 house points, and 1st place 3 house points.

Class 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Rec Davies Tilly May Evan Dalia
Rec Jones Izabelle Jun Hi Hayden
Year 1 Quinn Brooke Alex Luke
Year 1/2 Broad Cassie Mike Imtiyaz

Year 2 Ashman/


Kacie Deebiya Aironas
Year 3 Evans Wiktoria Shera Bailey

Year 3/4 Chapman/


Patryk Elaf Asma
Year 4/5 Wilson Serine Alfie Ashton

Year 4/5 Pelosi/


Zoya Alicia Julia
Year 6 Jones Abi Caitlin Wiktoria