Board of Governors

Last modified 02/02/2017 11:29


Our Board of Governors are made up of a group of volunteers who are not paid and do not require expenses.

The Governors take responsibility for a school in all respects, making staff appointments, agreeing budgets, overseeing all curriculum and policy arrangements and dealing with many other matter including disciplinary and staffing matters.

The governing body will delegate the majority of day-to-day management of school and budget to the head-teacher, but will oversee all matters.

The Governors must meet at least once a term, but in reality will, either as a full committee or as sub-committees, meet more often than this.

 In our school the Governors are made up as follows –

  • Head-teacher Governor
  • Teacher Governors
  • Support staff Governor
  • Parent Governors
  • LEA appointed Governors
  • Co-opted Governors

Other than the head-teacher Governor, all will have a period of service of 4 years before new governors are elected (or present Governors re-elected.)

The Governors will present a comprehensive report to parents on an annual basis, abridged versions of which will be sent to parents.

Governors Report to Parents 2015-16