Heart Start (BHF) Awards

Last modified 02/09/2017 19:26

Glyncollen Primary School – Heart Start (BHF) Awards

As a school we have been participating in the British Heart Foundation Heart Start programme for a number of years but have always focussed on training the oldest children in the school. 

At Glyncollen we value how important developing life-long learning skills are and the importance of preparing all of our children with the skills and confidence needed to deal with difficult real life situations that may arise. 

This year it was our aim to train all children who were old enough to participate in this award (all children between the ages of 5 and 11 – years 1 to year 6).  A total of 171 pupils across the school have been trained in skills that vary from initial checks of a casualty; the recovery position; treating serious bleeding, choking and heart attacks; as well as CPR training for our oldest children.

We are extremely proud that we are a Heart Start School and that we have been able to train most of the school in these essential skills and we aim to continue to teach this programme across the school in the coming years.


Heart Start Co-ordinator & Trainer: Miss Debbie Thomas

Heart Start Trainer: Mrs Megan Morgan
Well-being Governor: Mr Kevin Davies