Who we are?

Last modified 29/01/2016 12:16


Friends, Relatives Of Glyncollen School is a group in which members voluntarily give their time and effort to planning and organising different activities in and around the school. Every penny raised through fundraising goes back to the school and its children, providing a wide range of opportunities and facilities that would normally not be there for the children.

The FROGS meets regularly at the school throughout each academic term and all parents, teachers and friends are welcome to get involved, even if they only have a small amount of time available.

The group has a chair, secretary, treasurer and stock controller (together with vice chair, secretary, treasurer and stock controllers), who are elected each year at its annual general meeting.

It is vital that we have new members to help keep the FROGS running successfully, new members and new ideas are always welcomed by the FROGS and anyone needing more information or wanting to know the date of the next meeting,
should e-mail:  swanseafrogs@hotmail.co.uk