School Aims

Last modified 28/02/2016 22:52

We aim to ensure that our pupils:

  • are happy and secure
  • develop a love of learning
  • acquire the tools and basic skills and values they need for independant life-long learning
  • become increasingly self-aware and confident enough to self-assess,set themselves challenging targets and take ownership of their learning and behaviour
  • are able to reflect on their learning in order to understand the ways in which they learn best and how to meet their own high expectations
  • have fun and enjoy themselves
  • have their individual needs met and have equality of opportunity

We aim to provide a curriculum which:

  • develops key concepts, principles, skills and attitudes
  • is user-friendly and flexible
  • is purposeful and creative
  • is approached in a thematic way
  • goes beyond the classroom walls
  • involves all children
  • promotes assessment for learning, independence and emotional intelligence
  • fosters creativity, imagination and thinking skills

We aim to:

  • become a valued part of our community, helping children to become responsible, caring citizens
  • work collaboratively through partnerships towards a common goal
  • listen
  • make a difference