Home / School Partnership

Last modified 07/12/2015 14:08

We are fortunate to receive tremendous support from our parents and carers. The home / school partnership is crucial to the learning process. We value and appreciate the support we receive, which enables us to offer the children activities which extend and enrich their learning and the environment we can provide.

As part of the partnership the school and home work together with Friends, Relatives Of Glyncollen School which is run by parents, with school staff input. The FROGS work tirelessly to raise funds which benefit the children by subsiding trips and purchasing resources and equipment for the children to use.

In Glyncollen Primary School we know that our partnerships with parents / carers and the community enable us to provide and achieve the best we can for the children. The children are the most important aspect of the school and we feel proud to have such a caring and hard working community where success is striven for.