Athletics Club

Last modified 11/04/2011 17:29

Athletics Club is run by Mr. W and Mr. C during lunch times of the Spring and Summer Term.

Pupils have the opportunity to practise the various track & field disciplines and make selection for the school athletics team.

CRC takes part in both indoor and outdoor meetings and also prides itself on its achievements in athletics!  Many of the team have represented the County in the Welsh finals over recent years!

Make sure you listen out for when the selection practises take place.


Athletics News

Have already taken part in the in Indoor athletics meet.  An excellent performance by the team means that we have a chance of making the finals!

Excellent performances from Carl Ross, 1st in both 800m and high jump, and also Holly Jones, 1st in the 80m sprint.

Have the upcoming outdoor meet and also the Area athletics championships in June!  Trials to be announced soon!